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The text of Synaptic Syntactic is now complete, but I've got some things to add, such as a few images & a bio... Will be out some time in April, for certain, now. The MOTDs below are not currently being archived online, though that may restart; it takes extra time, and my to-do list has grown absurd. Sign up to collect them all by email... In case anyone is in Louisville, I'm going to be reading from the nascent book at Sunergo's Coffee on Preston Flying Out Loud poetry/personal narrative/spoken word open mic Monday, 3/13. It starts at 6:30pm

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.....what do, over time, our preconscious faculties tell us? Not a "Freduian Slip" in the moment, but our long tendencies, our day in, day out, blurts? As the chain of Sisters passed, Foxy Roxy made note of the technicolor hair colors, and nose piercings, that had begun to appear in the orders, since celibacy & cloistering requirements had been dropped... A street cat came to beg, & she found a stray Euro in her bag digging for treats - the business trip had faded.....


We can practice saying these words out loud: “I refuse to comply.”

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Solidarity requires those of us with any kind of social privilege to stand up for those with less social privilege.

On a train once, there was a friendly, developmentally disabled Black man, singing. At one stop, police came on board and asked him to step off the car.
“Why?” I loudly said, “He wasn’t doing anything!”
Other people chimed in, too, saying similar things.

The police tried to wave us off, and calm us down, meanwhile insisting the man exit the train. I finally stood up, saying loudly to the police, “He wasn’t doing anything wrong!”

Some other passengers stood up, too. Backup. The thing we always hope will happen, but which doesn’t always.

Meanwhile, the man, clearly frightened, was frantically giving a phone number to another person, so she could call his mother and tell her why he wasn’t going to show up. She would worry if he was late. All of us kept repeating, “He didn’t do anything wrong! Leave him alone!”

If the police took this person off the train, they were taking me, too, and maybe some others, and I positioned my body so that this was made clear.

The police finally backed off and left. The doors closed. The train continued on its way.

- T. Thorn Coyle Solidarity Becomes Our Resistance: Thoughts on Confronting Empire
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What does one TRILLION dollars look like? .. & lest we forget, fossil fuel subsidies guzzle $5 trillion a year globally: Fossil Fuel Subsidies Cost $5 Trillion Annually and Worsen Pollution - Scientific American

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