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Synaptic Syntactic is done, but I've been stuck on book description / metadata for BookBaby. Will still be available in April ... sometime. The MOTDs below are not currently being archived online. Sign up for mailings if you like. I'll be at and have a piece at art[squared] 2017. First painting I've done in years! [ 4-2-2017: I've added something to the services tab .. unorthodox, perhaps, but not empty anymore. Send queries / proposals to [email protected] & I'll let you know if/what I can do. ]

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.....unbroken semiotics blow through your hair, while the balance hangs by a thread, setting apart the physicality of your cells, an assemblage of dragonfly bones counts you apart by piece by bolts 'n' nuts spinning through the eighth Bardo, a frame of rushing waters, a lattice of subatomic qubes, lollygagging as you part ways, bespattered with india ink while you plot (it's made of bugs, you know!)... seeming at any time to be prepared on the spot, the genie of flinders gives aid to your smash & grab, the silkworms accrue merit badges & cabal & coven in understreet caverns; while Two named the eruptions, yet the teleprompts answered to.....


Nature imposes limits on all things, causing energy to build up from within. In fact, without limitations it is impossible to maximize our potential. When we understand, accept, and apply limitations it can be very effective in bringing about a transformation. Water unchecked has a tendency to spread and lose itself into the ground. When it is restrained by a dam, it becomes a tremendous source of energy — Hexagram 60, I Ching, TAO Oracle - Ma Deva Padma

 "Sometimes people need steering. You can call it intuition, or luck. A dream, maybe. Right places, right time."
 "What about coincidences?"
are no coincidences. What have I been telling you? Little people. It's the little people."
 "Is that the end of the story?"
 Grannie sighs. "There's no end to the story. We are all stories, layers and layers of stories. We are vessels for stories. Put them all together, they make a new story, but blink, and the story changes again. That's the best thing about them."
 Pixie imagines a street full of people shaped like jugs full of swirling liquids of different colours. Sometimes, bright splashes spill out, catching the sunlight as they run down the pavement.
 — Far From Home
- Anne DeGrace

Listening well is as essential to all true conversation as talking well. — old fortune cookie -

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WHAT WE DID IN THE RESISTANCE (PART 1) - Alison Luterman - Rattle Magazine

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