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{6-7-2016} The below are 300 DPI (suitable for reprinting) images of the postcard I have been using in my poetry/mail art/activism project. My apologies for not having this page or the wordpress post that promised them in the past months (technical issues... lack of time. now solved). The cards, as you can see, are well suited to activism and politics and community building. I have sent about 550+ so far, mostly with original poetry, to various types of (mostly public) locations. They also partly try to spread awareness of the Oxygen Catastrophe and 3 Reasons the Paris Climate Deal is a Fraud" (such as 90% of $5300 billion a year in energy subsidies going to fossil fuels, while only $100 billion over (unknown#)years was pledged to help developing countries adapt to climate change and switch to renewable energy (Scientific American on subsidies ... I am now moving into more book promotion for my soon to be released (a week or less?) first 2 books of poetry on paper via CreateSpace (and perhaps indie bookstores in some areas). Current ebooks at Amazon but soon updates with fixed formatting for Kindle will be available (and other markets when the budget allows for services) If you want smaller quantities, not a whole print run, please see my store on

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