Psychic Fugue Studio

Psychic Fugue Studio is my (Cooper Dozier's) personal domain. I am a poet, artist, and information technology guy. Collected here are some projects and pages I've made over the years and links to my other works on the Products & Projects page linked above.

The domain was also printed on nearly all of the over 800 postcards I sent out in a mail art/mail poems/ activism project I retroactively named The Discordian Postcard Conspiracy. Since I put the design up in 300 DPI and called it Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, there might be many thousands more for all I know, or many lacking my domain name. Files: Inspire Activism Postcard.

I can be reached at [email protected] . However, I am currently without home internet or a smartphone and quite enjoying how relaxed and productive that switch has made me, and email sometimes gives me anxiety, so it may be some days before I respond.

About the Site Name:

I think I just kind of liked the sound of the name. I came up with it some time before I first decided to or did put anything online in 2010, which was then just a gallery of my artwork in a Wordpress installation in Amazon EC2. 'Psychic' was meant to refer more to the idea of mind-related-phenomena, not psychic powers/sensitivities. 'Fugue' was meant to refer to the classical music type, not dissociative fugue states. 'Studio', of course referred to a visual arts type studio. People do not tend to hear the name as it was intended...

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