Background collage: mixed paper, large
	yellow marker spiral, red ‘network’ diagram, words ‘overstepped’
	& ‘signet auth’, cartoon lightning bolt & ‘marble’ bursting CSS timed images, flashing white square, static blue circle and plus
		with 8 radiating segments, pulsing red concentric circles on mouse hover
Leaf 1 Collage: partial circle 
		with intersecting segments in blue marker, blue ballpoint on tracing paper strip
Leaf 2 Collage: logic statement and 
		crosshairs drawn in red, S, m, y, and triangle in yellow on a label sticker, nonsense symbols
Leaf 3 collage: 
		graph and accounting papers, clear acetate sheet, and marker, blue lines and blue spiral, red arrow to label sticker
Leaf 4 collage: Label & graph paper, 
		Logic; square root colon y sub z; label: o if and only if 2; painter's tape and marker arcs
Leaf 5 collage: graph and 
		accounting papers, label sticker - logic (male sign or female sign), red marker arrows and rays, yellow marker arcs