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Message of the Week 1.10.2018

The Person of Mother Gaia, the Self of
_ Spider Mother, the Identity of Star
__ Goddess, the Being of Human, the
___ Consciousness of Superorganism, the Ego
____ of Dolphin, the Spirit of Microbe,
_____ the Experience of Space-time, the
______ Feeling of Nebula, the Vitality of
_______ Fungal Megafauna, the Knowingness
________ of Tree, the Is-ness of Rocks, the Libido
_________ of Magma, the Story of Song,
__________ the Movie of Philosophy,
___________ the animateness of all,
____________ the Lore of the understory

 Randomly chosen seed at image top left. DWR = An app called Deepware Rupture.

Quote of the Week

Is pointing and laughing something we do naturally, or do we have to learn it? Likewise, can someone without a sense of humor be taught to have one, or must it be beaten into him?


If your friend is struck by lightning and he seems to be all right, but his hair is smoking, is it O.K. to laugh?


Is there a story that would best illustrate what humor is, and, if so, what would that story be?

Do insects have a sense of humor, and does it involve stinging you?

The Mysteries of Humor – Jack Handey – The New Yorker 1.15.2018

Link of the Week

Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: A Health Centered Approach 

by The Drug Policy Alliance

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