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[ [ Original Poetry 7.19 ] ]

The feeling of the wind cannot be visualized
The ground of space unfilled by thing
The piping of the pixies
The wind of breakneck change
The feel of the wind cannot be drawn or painted
The wind down in concrete canyons on a not-too-hot sunny day
The voice of void speaks in your ear
A phantom sound
A clarity of notes
a spark of renewal
A quiet, a picture, a rest, a thought

[ Quotations 6/29 ]

Retired people often feel that, since they've worked all their lives, the world owes them a rest. That's outrageous. Old age is precisely when we need to pay the world back. Yes, we have worked hard, but our successes depended on a stable climate, temperate weather, abundant food, cheap fuel, and a sturdy government -- all advantages that our children and grandchildren will not have if we don't act

We elders are at the peak of our ability to help. We have a wealth of experience. Many of us have sufficient income. And we have that huge commodity: time. Most of all we have a ferocious love for our grandchildren. Wouldn't that love make us want to leave them the legacy of a beautiful world? To turn away from that into a kind of grouchy selfishness strikes me as tragic.

If Your House Is on Fire, Kathleen Dean Moore interviewed by Mary DeMocker, December 2012 ::: The Sun, 500th Issue, One Nation Indivisible retrospective compilation, August 2017

April 1 ::: This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three hundred and sixty-four.
-- Mark Twain, Pudd'nhead Wilson's Calendar

[ Stories ]

These layers
of old wounds
pile up
and in a weak moment

A series of fires
A nod to the angels
A truckful of illusions

Untold stories
ripple out across the water
upsetting the bobbing flotsam
in a left-handed kind of

-- Synaptic Syntactic

Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes is available for a limited time for free at Noisetrade. No account creation is needed to download, and the email address handed over will only be used by me (not Noisetrade, unless you create an account; I've had no marketing mail from them yet). It can also be bought more anonymously at BookBaby as well as Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Amazon, and various others. One poem from it appears below. Everything is forever incomplete in terms of digitally perfecting all my stuff in the online tangle, there is always more to be done. But. I did my best to polish the book as I could; no book is ever ended, really to the authors...

Finally, I will be trying to get these Messages of the Week done weekly and archiving them again, but that is not the case, as yet. By next Saturday, we think.


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