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Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes

Synaptic Syntactic is a book of abstract and contemporary poetry, and semantic line drawing artworks. In it, Demonoid and we all the small ones converse in the space between the individual and eternity. They travel the tales that lie in the cracks between self and society. The Jabberwock plots, inspires, and tampers. The poems speak of humanity impersonally and often break out into numinous non-sequiturs. Other parts weave more individual vignettes in the haphazard realm of humans. The ‘story’ wraps up with a meditation on violence and exuberance from the mouth of a gleeful chattering chaos. Much of the text is a product of partly or fully automatic writing, which was later selectively typed up and edited.

A reader comment on: Some extracts posted at

"Ok, that was like going down Alice's rabbit hole and land in a philosophy class! Love it! Do you take the position of drinking the potion to be small or big? The bigger you think the smaller the atoms become. Thank you, haven't teased my brain in such a delightful paradigm and never before in poem n schematical illustration. The diagram is as sweet as a vintage cruiser and poem its sheet metal.

Rotating Sample Poem: Pandemonium

The violence of the bespectacled Jabberwock was uncounted
It tore apart cabinets, devouring everything
It fractured cliches and upturned zeitgeists
It incited revolts everywhere
The hatted persons tried to calm it, but it said, “no, this must be done; for the children.”
The hatted persons, understanding, stood aside, and even partook of a dabble of incitement themselves
Twerking, the Spirits of Willful Disrespect of Elders had a go with the ball’o’chaos, too
Gleefully, the Elders started screaming “Turn that awful music down!” at everything, even silent things, for this was just the moment they had hoped for to shine
The pandemonium increased a notch
In the midst of it all, demonoid picotent sat, quietly playing chess with the ghost of Lao Tzu, ever the contrarian
Work bled over into play bled over into mayhem

The Jabberwock squirmed through firewalls and set electronic weasels on the disks
Happening, it drank in the ether
Happening, it swallowed the resultant space
Happening, it consumed the detritus and flotsam
Being, it toiled at its revolts
Being, it rejoiced with the dawn
Being, it tightened the chains of Azathoth
Ceasing, it extinguished the last flame
Ceasing, it watched the people strike matches
Ceasing, it waited for the new equilibrium
Ending, it reseeded and began again

The poem featured here will be changing on occasion. Last rotated September 28, 2018.

Download the first major section, Lunatic Fringes, Stand and Mobilize:

PDF direct downloads (no user info requested, just click) in: 8.5"x11" printable and 5.5"x8.5" with small margins for cell phones and tablets. Includes 2 artworks and the preface/dedication. There is a page break after each poem, so the small one should be usable for print, too, I think. I am confident that my printer, at least, can print to 1/2 inch from the page edge, but haven't tested that recently enough to be sure. Downloads are less than 3 megabytes. The full version is also available as a printable PDF at the BookBaby link below.

From the 'Dedication':

Estimated number of synapses in a human brain (85,000,000,000 neurons times 15,000): 1.275x10^15 (1275 trillion)

Number of 5 word permutations of [ONLY the] most common 1000 words: 1x10^15 (1000 trillion)

Number of 5 member permutations of Oxford Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus of American English's 150,000 entries 7.59375x10^25

I did not realize at the time I finalized the book how much of the Demonoid & We All the Small Ones content made the cut. For these and other reasons, I probably should have added an acknowledgement of what Synaptic Syntactic owes to Juliana Spahr's book Well Then There Now, particularly the poem Some of We and the Land That Was Never Ours . However it would cost me $220 dollars to put out a new edit of the text and that's not happening right now.

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