Collage background: Numbered
	list in imaginary script. Imaginary device like some sort of multi-limbed joint or valve with
	a cell in the middle and electric arc like EKG lines. Ballpoint on accounting paper with graph paper square.
	Geometric plotting and tree root like sketch. Black drafter's tape and blue marker accent. Text (in ballpoint):
	‘1/8/09’ & ‘05-1cen’. CSS timed images, flashing white square, static blue circle and plus
		with 8 radiating segments, pulsing red concentric circles on mouse hover
Near top left corner small opaque overlayer:
		Blue marker curves/spiral with wide orange marker grid and black straight lines on acetate sheet over graph and accounting
		paper with blur ballpoint accent
Near bottom far left: Blue marker segments and one tendril curl,
		pink ballpoint pentagram (five bars five point star no circle) and lines, black ballpoint and drafters tape accents in
		accounting paper background.
Horizontal opaque overlayer right of center: Pink ballpoint imaginary script
		and baseline on accounting paper
Upper right overlay: Vine like blue ballpoint curves intersect on 
		graph paper.
Lower right overlay: Section of pink ballpoint chart with numbers 5 and 6, 
		black Ballpoint diagonal on primarily graph.