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Pale light bathes world
Night ever rushing
1000 miles per hour
93 million high
Step across weathered channels
Strike down voltage
A chain of unbroken acausals
One to the other repeating
Loss of migrant questions
Sounds unheard imagined
Fractional awareness in some populations
Measureless heirlooms -
Shared organelles & RNA data-points
Allowing minor shift of Persons
Hypnotized in flattened verbal media
[ QUOTATION 12/19: ]
origin: No soul could have spoken of the universe's origin since no one could have existed to witness it. Origin is ellipsis. We believe the universe began, because it exists and because we can hear the sounds of its origin.
- Ken Chen
You May Visit the Cosmos but You May Not Speak of It
(or on the Tackiness of Elegy)

If you can command these elements to silence ...

- POETRY Magazine - October 2016


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Torus, sphere, coruscating
Naught is the path to the truth, but
In the isles of the night-dreams,
The outlinesof Slef are only lightly felt,
'I', but an alien topology, or nearly so,
With alacrity, span your measures,.
With alien nations, weave your tales.
Illuminations aside,
     the skunk-works continues
          to crank out your war machines.
Armies of state, & neighborhood crews,
      always unequal
          to the task of Peace.
That is not, after all,
     their function.
found on our driveway
     like a feather dropped
          by a crow

     8 of spades
        a playing

        we played Crazy Eights, slapping
        cards or holding them
        as if they were birds that might fly
        out of our hands

decades ago, in our childhood
        like the translucent, whirling
        image I imagine, prismatic and phosphorescent ---
        a murmuration of starlings swooping
        and iridescent

- Diane Wakowski "And Now She Has Disappeared In Water" (For Marylin who died in January) 'April I'


i ching mandala

8 trigrams
64 hexes
Each with 6 lines that can change
384 changes
Uncountable permutations
642 =4096, to be exact
But in the aftermath,
All is back in ground state
Elimination of keys
"No postcode envy"
Imagination fixes on what's next
Does not fret on what is not next,
At least ideally
Triangles of nothingness could be seen intermingling with the already present pattern, twisting what remained into entomological mandalas. - Uel Aramcheck Expanding Symmetry


i ching mandala

A strange wind blows on the lonely planet. Uproar is all & everywhere. Desperate people at the gates, barbarians upswelling within. While in the villages, there is apparent calm, hearts over-boil with TV & network-lies-factory cooked-up hatred. Seven symbols are arrayed about the edge. The wind pays no mind to them. But certain persons read them as coherent doctrine passed down from extraterrestrial forebears... This is no time for superstitions, yet we also need faith. We cannot know the outcomes, the other balls struck by our actions. The way forward is necessarily obscure.
"Carbon stores are greatest in places like the Arctic and the sub-Arctic, where the soil is cold and often frozen,” Crowther said. “In those conditions microbes are less active and so carbon has been allowed to build up over many centuries. : : : “But as you start to warm, the activities of those microbes increase, and that’s when the losses start to happen,” Crowther said. “The scary thing is, these cold regions are the places that are expected to warm the most under climate change.”
- Kevin Dennehy, Yale News ::: via Hacker News


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I Ching is not always your friend;
Drawing straws can be excessive
As Tarot can be obsessive
Learn to release micro-optimizations from your mind
All the brain sweat and emotions & motivations
Poured into squeezing out the last drop,
3 teaspoons or 3 1/2?
Getting number of steps just right;
Leave a little earlier, have 5 minutes of peace on that train
Instead of trying to leave as late as you can,
& obsess over not missing it twice a year...
How can the amateur engine attack? The ocean smashes a cleaned vocal on top of the acquaintance. The dismal weapon attends. The throat disadvantages the searching rabbit. How does the gossip enclose your offending religion? The fool absolute stages an initial outrage.
- watchout4snakes


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Ramschackle delusions passed like clearing mists. In our hearts we knew the truth. In our connections there were real feelings. We know what the Law of Fives tells us. We know also what The Five over this city prohibit. We know the pain of injustice. Many other pentads bear secrets. They are there for those who know how to see. Water is our very self. Will you take the chalice & drink? Leave no mind unaltered. Waste nary a drop of essence.
Law is a distorted concept in our culture. The law of Pearl, based on true pride, is natural law. When pride is present, there is a sense of worthiness and belonging to community and the natural flow. When laws are made in response to unworthiness, they can cause isolation, suspicion, and a divorce from Nature.
- T. Thorn Coyle Evolutionary Witchcraft


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Every division seeks more or breaks
So, allowing that ultimately, all is futile
The objective of human happiness;
Backspin against the tides of time
No one feels your pain, not really;
Interim interns, turn back from the abyss
-=-=- Stopping, balancing by the side, balancing in your hand a globe of possibilities. seeing the mind ever unwound, seeing it broken & reformed, seeing questions of health unprovisioned... Let them fall or let them fly: this is not your rodeo. Speaking across the gulf of silence, let it play out. The worse angels of their nature become -=-=-
Through these authoritative narrators we are given the “facts” of a world so different from our own. Those characters who are completely lost are given direction by matter-of-fact voices.
- May We Shed These Human Bodies


skull - brain full of gears illustration

Unitary. Unitarian. World Spirit is one for All...
Lifeblood cancels state of Peace
The foibles of nation-states are ever the same
One develops oneself
One finds paths to inner meaning
One chases material gratifications insatiably
Ever in Middle-School Mind,
Monkey Mind
Let not the dichotomies fool you,
There are middle ways
"Some things, though right, were considered wrong for generations. Since the value of righteousness may be recognized after centuries, there is no need to crave an immediate appreciation." - No Attachment To Dust Zen Koan


luna moth with crystals growing over

Love endures deeply
Lies like fleas multiply
Liminal spaces are created & experienced
Limitless transformations of ideas
Limits to what can, in a day, be done by one
"Location, Location, Location." - 3 key laws of real estate
Lifted from default states into still calm
Living in limbo, we move for action
Lying down at night, set intention to recall dreams
Localized code for applications is easy; find a translator
Law-abiding under a system that selectively abrogates its foundational code
Leave out without thinking twice
"Soyen Shaku, the first Zen teacher to come to America, said: "My heart burns like fire but my eyes are as cold as dead ashes." He made the following rules which he practiced every day of his life." - Zen Koan


luna moth with crystals growing over

Rates of change of inner feeling -
Accelerating or slowing, melting or hardening?
Brittle crystallizations to be shattered?
     Cruel hard tempering of steel meant to kill?
... --- ... the ugly of humanity pops out.
It was ever thus & mayhap be ever thus thenceforward
Sleep not in the winter of your discontent
Madness begins to illuminate among them
Rates of change of admissions;
Not the easiest data to find;
There is more to life than shadow puppet cartoons


luna moth with crystals growing over

The shape of things to come;
Feelings run hot, water runs short -
Ever more energy to manage water...
See that we make a transition.
Retake the levers of governance
...or let it fall into disarray & irrelevance
The world of platonic forms
Shows no squishiness, as it is imagined
Yet nature is stranger ..
The cosmic understory-bedrock:
Ever shifting complexity phenom


luna moth with crystals growing over

Mental status also a total unknown
A person none can be certain of
Variable, variable, variable;
The reach & influence is always variable
Let not the mentality of hippopotamus shrink or bestubborn you
Let not the x-factor be shaken or stirred
Stick by the known unknowns, & jitter parameters to study relations
No salience & high conductance
No peace without sleep
No feeling of helpless
Bit by piece by cord by screw by letter by thread by microbe by point by hairless biped
We overstand (def:) one iota at a time, revolve faster & grow strength


luna moth with crystals growing over

Per Wikipedia: Thought + Speech are not commutative
Being that, Asking one question, then after answer, a second one
Does not produce, necessarily, the same answers
As going in opposite order of questioning
It is also so with dosing things ....
Infinite void is a possibility today -
Do not spend excessive time questioning your deities
Or other sorts of distorting certainties
Black and white (aka Binary) thinking is always a cognitive distortion
A source of delusions, however large or small
/ / /
Today, be certain that you enact no compound verbs with your identity $


3d non commutative rotation - rubber ducky

Do it for Earth, do it for spirit... Some semblance of an effort, at least..... How many ways can we count up our immense waste? How many arrogances can be spoken without tripping over our own crisscrossed petty deceipts? A challenge is found in the boatloads of people, a challenge to be better than our histories, better than our fear of change. Let not the psychodramas of bought & paid for alien ethereal termites distract you. We came here with purposes, although it is not always clear to the mind's eye..


rainbow skull painting

So, in the end, we see that the planet can be in a multitude of places at once. No vision is imaginary; each is true somewhere in the multiverse. While interstellar weasels, taken at face value, might be construed to represent a hazard to world unity, looked at from a different angle, they resemble more cloud-phantoms; more a non-local trip-wire. So check your preconceptions at the door & prepare for some unbridled raging of contentiousness over any central or totalizing concepts or dogmas that may arise.


rainbow skull

Double stuffed combination; sometimes the glyphs can look very much alike. But overall, there is a sense of growing confidence, growing faith. While the small revelations we call 'Om-elettes', the system of ancient prehistoric binaries does spark & sizzle the synapse at times... All collected together, many bits can be greater than one big, intense, reveal...


rainbow skull

_ The writer becomes - a changing mask
Who is the author of your narrative?
Do the disparate pieces of 'I' celebrate like madmen?
Do they go up in spontaneous self-immolation?
Are these things, in fact, mutually exclusive?


rainbow-unicorn-butterfly type kitten

..... clarifying our emotions, reconciling ourselves to the selected reality, we study the rates of change, instantaneous or otherwise, we eye the motions of the meters, we grok the element of confusion & while not bemoaning conclusions, as it were, step ourselves forward and assess what, in these sorts of zeitgeists, we are able to do. Turnabout is fair play, and yet .....

The Beginning (The End???)


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