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Psychic Fugue Studio is currently a collection of web art and web design projects, or other content executed in HTML and CSS (see top & sidebar), and a personal website for an artist/poet. 2011-2018.

Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes" (Amazon Link) is an ebook (or PDF available from BookBaby, printable) of poems and art by me (also available from iBooks, Google Play, et al). For some more info see the link at top.

This URL ( also has been on probably north of 900 postcards I've sent in my Discordian Postcard Conspiracy mail art/mail poems, etc. project. And possibly many other postcards, since I put the images online under Creative Commons license. For 300 DPI files see: this PFS page. For a little more info about the project see this about page, offsite. For a collection of example texts from the DPC (mostly poems or, later, microfictions) see the home page to the second one. [6-8-2018]

For a list of offsite projects, including some audio and video, see list at bottom.

News / Change Log - 2018

[11-22-2018] I've made numerous changes to my other domain, Save the Oxygen in the last week or so. These include moving "Hopeful Thoughts" and "Roll Call of Doom" to their own pages, and declaring the textual content, but not code, design, or images, Creative Commons licensed, should anyone wish to translate it, make flyers, or otherwise use it. Other changes are mostly presentational, not very significant to content. Save the Oxygen is a climate change-related issue site. In particular, the concept that there could be a collapse in phytoplankton populations, while two-thirds of the dioxygen (O2) on Earth comes from the oceans, mostly from them. There is more to it than that, though ... Check it out.

Moved the list of blogs, sites, and projects to the bottom of the main column here, deleted the Projects & Products page, and added a link for the Synaptic Syntactic ebook page up top. [6-25-2018] New blog posts at the PFS blog and Lost in Mist in the last few days.

Added 3 new pages to and various code tweaks and meta descriptions. "Things to Do", "About / Origin", and "Recommended Reading". [6-18-2018 & 6-19-2018]

Made significant code improvements and small text improvements to my Sustainable Home Presentation, which was originally for a 2013 Environmental Science course at Bellarmine University. I might one day bulk up the text, maybe add a new section, so it reads more robustly without the benefit of a speaker. [4-12-2018] Also cut unused files and CSS and changed all the Pure CSS links to the recommended CDN, mostly in March.

Added a dedicated page for Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes, my book, [4-5-2018]. There are links to a free download of the first major section, Lunatic Fringes, Stand and Mobilize in 2 sizes of PDF here, in 8.5x11" for printing &&& here, in 5.5x8.5" with skinny margins for smart phones and tablets.

I also have a randomizing draw glyph/symbol based divination/brainstorming/creativity seeding (e.g. writing prompts) system that I've been developing since October 2016 in current progress. Just beginning to really get down to some writing for the ebook/book/app/what-have-you for the system. I won't hazard a guess on a release date, but it will eventually live at I believe. [6-2-2018]

Revamped Save the Oxygen .org. [3-20-2018] Much improved in my opinion. More changes likely to be coming at a slowish pace.

Completed a large number of changes to a A 2011 Web Art Project related to The Schcroedinger's Cat Trilogy, [3-5-2018]

Completed a large number of changes to a Another 2011 Web Art Project a strictly visual triptych, [3-8-2018]. Descriptive alt-text for all the images is one of the major changes.

The changes to the web art are mostly user-invisible: file names for pages and images, alt texts, title tags, and meta descriptions (what appears in search engine results), as well as the project directory name. These affect accessibility for users of screen readers and search engine visibility, The project home pages are also entirely new, with project details and background. I also added index pages that describe the projects, their origins, the requirements, etcetera.

Offsite Projects

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