we demand new order

Watch for Spirit

	we demand new order
	Watch for spirit
	But some things are true
	Who wants to be in charge
	Who is anxious about what is going on the next line?
	Do you. Need. Customers.
	Build many small matrix networks.
	This is vital.
	You must not forget.
	Glass Bead Game Transience Transcendence
	The dry bones of the dead pursuits are
		now in the reality of integrating into one
	But we are in the throes of it
	Being unable to stick to to-do lists
		is your weakness
	this poem written specifically for you
	ruling arts for some things

An improved version of this poem appears in my ebook, Synaptic Syntactic available at BookBaby, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and more. This poem predates all the others in the book, I believe. I have just realized this page is not rendering right in Firefox (2.17.2018) but can't fix it today.