Psychic Fugue Studio

A collection of web art and web design projects, or other content executed in HTML and CSS, 2011-2018. Content is currently changing considerably. Click the large images at right

Completed a large number of changes to a A 2011 Web Art Project related to The Schcroedinger's Cat Trilogy, 3-5-2018

Completed a large number of changes to a Another 2011 Web Art Project a strictly visual triptych, 3-8-2018. Descriptive alt-text for all the images is one of the major changes.

The changes are mostly user-invisible: file names for pages and images, alt texts, title tags, and meta descriptions (what appears in search engine results), as well as the project directory name. These affect accessibility for users of screen readers and search engine indexing, The project home pages are also entirely new, with project details and background.

At a guess, probably the most popular page group on this site in past years: Environmental Science Presentation HTML 'Slides', 2013, on "The Sustainable Home"

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