Psychic Fugue Studio

An Adventure It Would Surely Be

Shocking though to see
It was wound up with relief
Coming to the crossroads,
They flooded the area with quicksilver
Leaving nothing to chance,
The realization of the shocks was extracted,
And woven by spiders
Into rhythms to resound with the Big Sound
The singing of the prisms of the sun spread across the region
In all its days, never had the sun been so sung
Building up to the opening of the planes to habitation
The planeswalkers prepared the inhabitants with instruction
The destructive habits of many inhabitants fell away
Bringing the ocean of Gaia's consciousness into focus
Washing over the visions of final judgment with the evolved theory
The trickster spirits intensified their efforts
Puzzling out the power of the sphinx, one wrote of the infamous escape-checkmate-in-three problem and its connection to the popular cubes-of-puzzle
The cells would be opened
Wringing their hands, the institutional powers felt cast adrift
On into the sunset rode the motorcyclists, ever pursuing, and daily attaining, the land of sunset twilight
Passing into the portals of the planes the We of All the Small Ones gathered our multiconsciousness together
An adventure it would surely be

A poem from Synaptic Syntactic: of unbounded phases and entangled echoes. Links to by the ebook listed at the Projects & Projects link above.

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